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A large hairy penis with a huge jungle.
Tommy: Dude i saw this ho sun in the locker room and the guy wasn't even trying to cover it.

Girls: EWWWW. *giggle*
by dajiber October 14, 2013
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Unofficial term for someone who specializes in rolling up and storing water hoses in a profession that requires the use of hoses. Often used in a sarcastic manner that implies that the Hosun is dignified job; when really it's just a job that no one else wants to do.

Boss: Alright boys let's get these hoses rolled up and stored away.

Worker: No that's the Hosun's job. We're not qualified for that.

Hosun: Alright fine, I'll do it.
by Holla@yomayor December 13, 2016
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