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People who think they are hipsters but really live in the suburbs and live in a townhouse and commute in their parents uneco friendly SUV. They think Andy Warhol is god and when asked can't name any works of art. They are not artistic and write lame poetry that is straight out of Dr.Suess with a hint of Dassboard. They buy half tights from Hollister and tell themselves have hip they are. The real hipsters don;t call themselves hipsters anThe d certainly do not read the hipster handbook. Hipster Scum also claim to be very liberal but are really jsut rebeling against there parents. It is rather sad to be a hipster scum of America because they think they are so special but really it has been done before.
HIPSTER SCUM:::people who think if they dont wear deoderant, dont wash their hair and use oil wipes and the same ol eye liner like taxi. they claim to wanna be poor but really are rich. Real hipsters would agree that they are fake and unscene
by ladasay June 13, 2006
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