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when you go the bathroom pee then flush the toilet and realize as soon as you flush the toilet that you need to go poop. you go poop and flush again. feeling bad for over flushing you decide to start to give back to the environment and become a hippie and not the peace and love kind no you become a man who shits in holes that he had dug then buries them back up eats garbage doesn't eat meat and if you disagree with this person on anything related to the environment they will go "that's not cool,man"

this may seem like a honorable thing but in most cases unless the person was already like this on the inside the effects of a hippie converting pee poop are not permanent and usually are about 10 minutes to 10 days any longer and there might not be any going back
bob: whats wrong with jerry he has been acting weird lately
tim: he took a hippie converting pee poop
by turdcraft August 04, 2011
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