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a group of pop culture whores who shop at American Eagle like its there job. Listen to hot 99.5 all day long and thoroughly enjoy BSSAC mixers. One must have a stinky retainer, one must have pancake tits, one must a sun kissed tan and sun-inned hair, and the other two must share the same name!! also, they must have a secret language..
hip hop team 1. did you hook up wit dat hott woodberry boy at kings dominion or was it tysons or was it last nights mixer.
hip hop team 2.i heard she hooked up with an israelite.
hip hop team 3.have u heard the knew shakira song, i can't get it out of my head.
hip hop team 4. do u like my weave, it is freshly sunned.
hip hop team 5. i long o vong e tong hong e tong e a mong.
hip hop team 6. ever since i can remember i've been steppin with jessa.
hip hop team 7. HIP HOP FO LIFE!!!!
by MY WEAVE May 14, 2006
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