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A dance where a boy stands behind a girl (while she digs her butt into his crotch) and places his hands on her hips as they sway from side to side with the dance floor’s beat. The act is crude to watch, but very enjoyable to partake in. This dance to all spectators can appear as butt fucking, but really, it’s just a watered down substitute.
Spectator: Ohmygawd! Did you see Tony and Leslie hip fucking on the dance floor to Grillz!?! It was sooo gross…….I thought Leslie was going out with Scot. What a slut.

Participant: Hey Scot, I’m gonna run my hands through my hair and act like I just don’t care, then I’m gonna bring them up past my head and rub your neck. I love hip fucking with you. Wait a minute, you’re not Scot. Tony!?! What the fuck!?!
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