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Describes a false statement that is generally spread within very small (and melodrama filled) social circles... Usually stating that something is a certain way when in reality it isn't even close to being true. Their social circle is so small minded, that they themselves start to believe that it’s true just because everyone in their small network says so. They start to hate people that go against their false belief, no matter how trivial... Very similar to religion amongst narrow minded bigots.
Hillbilly Talker: You can't get a rental car anywhere unless you are 25! They just won't let you.
Knowledgeable Person: Yes you can, usually you will just get a higher risk surcharge.
Hillbilly Talker: Na uh, Zach the bartender (at some dive hole in the wall) said he tried to and they wouldn't let him because he is only 24.
Knowledgeable Person: Maybe that policy is specific to the rental company?
Hillbilly Talker: Nope, it's the same way everywhere.
Knowledgeable Person: How do you know? I got a rental car last year, and I'm only 24 this year...
Hillbilly Talker: That’s just the way it is. You are wrong.
Knowledgeable Person: Whatever.
by Daniel Cortolini December 04, 2007
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