when someone who hasn't had energy drinks before has monster for the first time, then start talking really fast about pointless things and laughing uncontrollably.

can happen because they have a low tolerance for energy drinks, or they think that's how they're supposed to react, and are just using it as an excuse to act stupid.
Jill: "oh WOW i'm so high on monster! You look preeeetty."
Jake: "...you just had 2 sips of that. it's monster, not vodka. chill out."
by notmyrealname,eh? May 25, 2009
Somone in a group who is a buzz kill to others. constanly tells others to be quiet out of fear of parents/authoritie. Somone who deserves to be beaten severly with a baseball bat
Tim: DUDE! DUDE! duuuuude be quiet your moms gunna come down
Ryan: Shut up maynee your being a fuckin high monster now pass the cheese fries
by Nanners mcneh February 9, 2009