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A cat that demands all of your attention in disruptive ways. The main objective of the cat is to obtain food, attention and affection. The cat positions himself to become the focus of your attention through attention getting behaviors and meowing incessantly until you react. The high maintenance cat gets jealous when you give attention to other family members and are ignoring him. He intervenes in conversations using various techniques that force your attention to him, such as rubbing his cheeks on your nose or placing his behind in your face, interrupting whatever conversation or task your are doing. Walks on your laptop, and ends up typing random characters and messing up your work on the computer. Knocks over your drinks. Demands cat treats constantly all day regardless of the hour. Insists on sleeping on your bed, jumps onto your lap while eating dinner, lays on top of your papers and books so you give him affection, and nips your feet so you will play with him. Basically, all cats are high maintenance.
My high maintenance cat will not stop pestering me and meowing until I scratch his cheeks.
by Penupenu December 28, 2016
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