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A system established to readily identify the stands of all major Asian groups of not limited to but most common to Southern California.

At the top of the hierarchy are the Koreans and Japanese. These two groups hate each other but almost have a interdependence when it comes to culture, media and entertainment. A close second are the Chinese. They may look Korean or Japanese but they lack in style and common sense.

Next we get to the L.G.As, Short for Low Grade Asians. These Asians are mostly from Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, and Thai

*many people think that Filipinos are Asians but they are more of an exotic islanders. The U.G.As dont really consider the Filipinos to follow under the Asian Hierarchy system
U.G.A 1:I can't believe you hang out with those L.G.As

U.G.A 2: Dude, L.G.As are people too.

White guy: WTFs a L.G.A? Is there some kind of hierarchy of asians?

U.G.A 1 and 2: Duhhh... you didnt know that?
by Socal02122011 February 12, 2011
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