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Abbr: HAT

Same principle as a thot, except notably worse. Hick Ass Thots incorporate cringe-worthy attempts at being “country” into their thottery. Like their thot cousins, Daddy issues are usually involved.

HAT’s, although they probably live in a suburb and haven’t stepped outside in their 13 years of life, will dress in jeans, cowboy boots, and camo sweatshirts. They can typically be found blasting shitty country music and talking in hood accents.

One of the HAT’s most common ways to lure in victims (Other than hicks, who come voluntarily), is by adopting contemporary, right-wing stances on current issues. A dead giveaway that you’re being duped is that they will never allow their charade to compromise their thot values. Reproductive rights issues are a common example of this.
Guy 1: “Man, I just met this great chick, she’s a real country girl

Guy 2: “Wtf bro, she’s a hick ass thot!”

Guy 1: “Damn you’re right, she does bump a lot of Florida Georgia Line
by ThotPatrol99 December 27, 2017
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