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When she comes so hard it looks like she just got high from shooting heroine. Usual signs are a moan and big smile, transcending into a blank stare, then shivering, then asking for more. Usually happens when having sex in an unusual place. This kind of sex is addictive and watch out - if your girl has one you will have trouble getting rid of her if you need to later. If you haven't see it keep trying, you'll get it right some day.
I bent Jenn over the sink in the office bathroom and fucked her so hard she had a heroin orgasm while I was watching her in the mirror. Damn, now I'm never gonna be able to dump her.
Guy 1: I haven't ever seen a girl have a heroin orgasm, I don't believe it

Guy 2: Really, I made your GF have one last night in the back seat of my car.

Guy 1 - pwned
by the real justin April 21, 2009
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