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These are known as the polar opposites of the known Seven Deadly Sins. Though not truly known or accepted, they make alot of sense in accord to the sins they oppose:

1. Humility - virtue against Pride. The abundance of silence and accepting ridicule while mastering personal preserverance.
2. Love - virtue against Envy. Inhuman desire to seek the goodness of others for their sake.
3. Kindness - virtue against Wrath. Opening the heart to others with patience, compassion and peace.
4. Zeal - virtue against Sloth. Uncalmly call to action and command, if ordained by God otherwise by personal preserverance.
5. Generosity - virtue against Avaraice/Greed. Similar to Kindness, it is the willingness to accept others by means of letting them acquire credit or praise. Otherwise known as charity.
6. Faith and Temperance - virtue against Gluttony. Accepting the natural limits within a natural balance, it is the human boundaries of stress bound and found.
7. Self Control/Abstinence - virtue against Lust. Prevention of the soul from suffocation. Restraint from the eagerness of pleasure and continued use or consumption of desires.
Humility: I'll admit it. I liked the Carebears... alot.
Love: No! It's not true! He can't be gay!
Kindness: San Francisco! Lend me your rainbow flags!
Zeal: WE ARE GAY!!!
Faith and Temperance: That's enough! ENOUGH! There's BLOOD already!
Self Control/Abstinence - Alright fine you win, but next time...
by Aardcore April 01, 2005
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