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Heady-er-than-thou, clean looking young hippie dude. Usually sporting manicured dreadlocks and wearing expensive hemp clothing. Mostly found on the East coast of U.S.A., but commonly seen on the West Coast (esp. Northern California, or Oregon.) driving late model Toyota pickups, or 4-Runners with N.Carolina, Vermont, or Massachusetts license plates. (See also Trustafarian) Can often be found at; Widespread Panic or Phish concerts, co-ops and trendy cafes. The heady mountain co-brah ends most sentences with "brah" (a heady term for brother.)
That new dude from the East Coast ain't no dirt hippie. He's a "heady mountain co-brah." He never runs out of cash, is always drinking dank beer, and smoking the best bud.
by Haywood Jalissen August 12, 2011
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