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This act involves two people. Person 1 is performing a handstand with his/her legs spread. Person 2 proceeds to forcefully penetrate the anus of Person 1 with marshmallows. With a Hawaiian fire stick, Person 2 will then roast and melt said marshmallows until it has a thick, molasses-like consistency. Person 1 must clench his/her anus shut and then stand up straight with his/her legs spread wide enough for Person 2 to lie directly under Person 1's anus. Person 1 will then unclench his/her anus and, if performed correctly, a muddy-looking concoction of marshmallow and shit will erupt over Person 2's face. Hence, the Hawaiian Mudslide.
Adam came home from school and felt lonely and emotional. He masturbated four times by himself until he could ejaculate no more. He called his Uncle Tony to come over and perform a Hawaiian Mudslide with him.
by Tony Abbot December 03, 2014
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