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n. (dubious)

like a love triangle, but with hate. A LOT OF BURNING SEARING HATE. 'a' hates 'b' and 'c'. 'b' hates 'c' and 'a'. 'c' hates 'a' AND 'b', and they all wish endless pain, suffering, humiliation, and cancer-ridden anal herpes upon one another. the tension is exponentially increased in the event of circular permutation of hate.

see any regional college football rivalry.

related: the sec is a friggin hate octagon
guy #1: omgerder! clemson/uga/usc is righteously cleveland-steaming hate triangle this year!?!
guy #2: ya, but the rivalry was so much hatier in 2013 due to the circular permutation of victories! durp-a-der!!
guy #1: shut up fool! cyclic permutations are so fucking weak, the hate triangle would be much more shit-banging if the rivalry of this multiset explored all the permutations!
guy #3: you are both complete long as it's a k-permutation of the set who gives a flying bat-shit who wins which games. vanderbilt!
all 3: whaaa???!!!
qed., the hate triangle
by anonymous survivor September 13, 2014
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