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The aftermath of a night rich with hate and anger. The night may have involved the telling off of, or arguments with, one's closest friends, excessively passionate texts, or the open broadcasting of one's own depression to people who could really care less. Such bursts of hate are not drug- or alcohol-fueled but rather driven spontaneously by a mix of deep-seated grudges the brains own chemicals and hormones which, once they have resided, leave the person with nothing in the morning but regret and humiliation.
*Wake up, open phone, flip through texts* Ohhhh fuckkkk did I really call her a slut and talk shit about her boyfriend and say she should've been with me for the past 2 years instead? SHIT! I'm gonna see her at work in like an hour! What the fuck was I thinking? Baaad hate hangover.
by devil on the shoulder June 21, 2009
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