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Harmony is the type of person who can be very complicated and deep about her feelings. The reason she's deep is because she has a lot to say and she feels no one really understands, a lot of people tell her she's pretty and thats very true but shes very pikky when it comes to judging herself. She doesnt want to admit who she really loves but only her closest friends know the truth. Her hair is dirty blonde and her eyes and ocean green. She loves to meet new people. She comes of sort of crazy sometimes but she also sort of quite. Her b day is usually March 23 but doesnt like when people give her giftes cause she feels guilty. If you meet a Harmony Dornan tell her what you think about her cause she wants to hear what u have to say.PS she's an amazing singer/song writer
Dont ever let a Harmony Dornan go cause you will regret it later. Take the time to care for her
by Dreamer23 March 12, 2017
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