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The gender opposite of Horse Girl. Generally adults, though this ailment has been known to effect young males under the age of 18. Known to wear exclusively leather vests in the summer, various large skull rings, brightly colored bandannas folded across their foreheads. They generally have no affiliation to a motorcycle club, nor association with shaving. They like to talk loud and close to your face. Harley Guys "enjoy" riding Harley's, though no one truly enjoys their balls being beaten to death, their hearing impaired, or bugs in their teeth. Feeling the "hog" between their legs reminds them of their first fat chick. Afraid of Sturgis, SD.

"Oh, the suns out! Imma gunna take the hog out this weekend, you've gotta hear my new pipes bro!" -Harley guy
" Wow! Look at how dumb that Harley guys over there looks. He should be riding a horse, and saving gas." -Horse Girl
by JSFBCo July 24, 2016
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