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Similar to scene/emo hair, hardcore hair is semi-long straight black and or brown hair(it can really be any color) that comes down to cover either eye. The thing that sets it apart from scene hair is you do not spike it in the back, it's just down. You only put other colors (blonde, red, even non natural colors) colors in the top were the roots are to simulate roots growing in or as a straight line from the top of the head to the back of the neck. This is a style mainly worn by people listening to or liking post hardcore/grindcore music.
Joshie Scene: Omgeee, that guy dosent have any spiky hair, his hari is like just down and not cut weird. and his pants arent that tight...
Joey Scene: I know what a cunt...lets make out!
Jimmy: Scene fucks! Its called hardcore hair! *windmill to the faces of the scenesters*
by jimmy walthereson March 02, 2006
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