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Han Geng (born February 9, 1984), is a Mainland Chinese pop singer and actor well-known for his dance skills and the numerous amounts of charity works he does. At a very young age, Han Geng started to learn dance, and by the age of 12, he was accepted into the dance department of the Central University for Nationalities. He left his family and his hometown in the Northeastern part of China to attend dance school in Beijing. During his years in school, he mastered all 56 types of Chinese traditional dances from the 56 Chinese ethnic groups.

In 2001, he was chosen by SM Entertainment to become a member of Korean boy band Super Junior, which debuted in 2005, and the leader of its sub-group Super Junior-M in 2008. On December 21, 2009, Han Geng filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract with SME as he felt the 13 year contract was unlawful and overly restrictive.

For his various contributions to the spread of Chinese culture, Han Geng was also chosen to become a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, becoming the first boy band member in history to hold this role.
On June 22, 2010, Han Geng officially announced his solo career at a press conference held at The Great Wall Of China, revealing the release of his first solo album titled Geng Xin 庚心, which hit stores throughout Asia on July 27. The name of the album literally means "Geng's heart", but it is also a play on words because it has the same pronunciation as "start anew" in Chinese. There is also a third meaning to it: the character Geng 庚 in his name comes from the evening star Hesperus/Venus (Chang Geng Xin 长庚星), which is what he's named after. So his album’s title can also mean "Evening Star" or "Geng's star", since Xing 星(star) and Xin 心(heart) have similar pronunciation in Chinese
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