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Hamilton Beach, NY also known as Hami is the part of Howard Beach, Queens that is tucked away in the corner of the neighborhood and not really talked about much. Ya see Howard Beach is divided into 4 main areas 1. Old Howard 2. New Howard 3. Hamilton and 4. Lindenwood. Old Howard and New Howard mostly contain the stereotypical Howard Beach people that even though are only 25% Italian really like to stress that they are in fact in some shape or form, Italian. Lindenwood is a little closer to Brooklyn so it's basically the shiny turd of Howard Beach that really doesn't like to affiliate themselves with Howard Beach whatsoever. And lastly Hamilton which is mainly just made up of a few crackheads, a few minority families, and the rest are people who wanted to live in Howard Beach but didnt want to completely affiliate with it because of its spoiled name. Although Hamilton shares the same zip code as the rest of Howard Beach a lot of people not from Hamilton will isolate it and not include it in its Howard Beach glory.... The thing with this is that everyone from Hamilton is completely fine with that. Many of the "actual" Howard Beach people will also call it a swamp, but what most of them lack to realize is that the rest of Howard Beach lives on the same body of water. However the water is filthy but that's off topic. Hamilton Beach is a great place to live if you like privacy and can deal with crackheads and flooding from time to time.
"Yo you wanna go catch a quick cyph at the bridge?"
"Yea, but which side you want to go on?"
"Let's stay on the Old Howard side it's much safer than the Hamilton Beach side."
"Good call bro."
by Antonio Reynolds January 23, 2017
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