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A phrase meaning you are very busy. Commonly used phrase that originated before the refrigerator just came out and was still not in common use. People used to still salt their meats and put them in top of the refrigerator. This of course took a lot of time, considering there was a refrigerator that would do the same thing right under your meat. Thus, a person that would salt theyre meats on their fridge instead of put them in their fridge was very busy.

Not to be confused with "ham in your fridge," meaning someone just has ham in their refrigerator, which can be quite delicious.
Yo, I can't go out for dinner. I have a lot of ham on my fridge, plus I have a lot of ham in my fridge from thanksgiving, so I'm gonna have some that shit

Aight, dawg. Hopefully you can remove some ham from yo fridge.
by jewses christ December 02, 2009
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