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(v) In the world of "leet" (1337), possibly meaning to create a virus, or other highly annoying/fatal program inserted into another user's personal computer. Due to the nature of this word, it is highly possible that it will be encountered either mispelled or with letters interchanged with numbers or other symbols.
Bunny Bear has entered chat room.
x0_31337DM_0x: y teh_fux0rz ur sn Bunny Bear thats ghei leik joo joo l003r roflmaool
Bunny Bear: What the fuck kind of name is "Elite DM"? Are you advertising that you got the shit kicked out of you in high school thirty years ago? Or that you live in your parents' house?
x0_31337DM_0x: JOO L00S3R! EY WIL KIL JOO IN UR SLEP! EY WILL H4CK @ V1RUS (example of common spelling of "hack a virus")!!!
Bunny Bear: ...?
by Balthasar August 17, 2006
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