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A annoying radio site for the chat room Habbo hotel, most of the DJs are 12 year olds who play pop music and think they are setting themselves up for a radio career in later life.
Habbohut has had some B List celebrities (such as Ashley Simpson host crappy thirty minute shows in the past.
If you think habbo hut sucks, you should see habbo hut forum!
by Gutworm April 04, 2006
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A annoying habbo fansite. the radio gets 2 listeners a show and all the DJs are rubbish. They think there setting up a dj career.

Most of the DJs are 10 and there annoying. Like Brandon. The site is rubbish as they cant be bothered to code a full site. Habbo hut is just a annoying site and it should get shut down as its a disgrace. Most of the members smell.
Person 1: Hey tine into habbo!11!!1one!!!1!eleven!

Person 2: They suck!
by Rttennis August 18, 2010
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