Pronounced "Ayched on the jays", this phrase came into being early in 2008. Its original denotation pertained to the culture surrounding the substance "Marijuana." Being "h'd" meant being high. Eventually, the term "j" was added on to the "h" to denote a joint. The connotation of the word came to include the alcohol abuse culture. Being h'd on the js gained the meaning being "hammered on the j's", where a "j" is any object. In this case, it usually refers to a beer, but can be used colloquially to signify anything.
"Dude, that passed out goblin is totally h'd on the js"

Guy 1: "Hey, can you pass me that J?"
Guy 2: "Which one?"
Guy 1: "The big black one"
by the council of real men December 6, 2008
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