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The worst kind of drug user, especially as far as other drug users are concerned. This is their person who never has ANY money, and the ONLY way they ever get anything is by bumming off of their friends who actually have money. These friends usually don't last long bc the friend with money to spend will eventually get tired, and will usually only call these people when they can't find anything else elsewhere and the gutter junkie knows connects; their connects quite often will turn out to be not as good as they are said to be by said asshole usually bc the ass just wants to find something, anything, and they'll tell you anything to get you over there with your money OR their connect DOES have something awesome, but bc the gutter junkie owes them so much money, has pissed them off so many times by trying to pay with bags of change (with way more pennies than quarters in the bag), or has straight up ripped them off before that the connect might decide at the last minute that it's not worth the hassle to deal with the gutter junkie, even when they have YOUR money and can actually get something that time. Also, wonder why they can only find ridiculously overpriced stuff? Bc they're adding anything from 50% to 100% of the price to it so that they can pocket the rest AND THEY WILL STILL ASK YOU FOR ONE. And they'll pay you back for it tomorrow... Or Tuesday... But something always happens, and tomorrow/Tuesday never comes, and frankly you should have known better.
Bobby is such a gutter junkie, he's hooked on opiates and skag yet never has any money, and that's bc he gets stuff by helping his friends find stuff at doubling their prices and whatnot. He's a total piece of shit and everyone hates him but he's sometimes a necessary evil.

His son is a total gutter junkie, what an embarrassment.

His kids were taken away from him because he's a gutter junkie, doesn't even have money for the drugs he takes, he just bums those off of other users, but you can't bum drugs from your buddies all day and still be able to adequately take care of kids. Sad.
by Lady Pillbox July 15, 2016
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