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Gustav Ahr is the utter perfection also known as Lil Peep. Lil Peep was a soundcloud rapper that was gaining a lot of recognition and fame before he accidentally overdosed on Xanax on November 15, 2017
by boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii February 13, 2018
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Gustav Ähr was a man who died a tragic death. Also knows as, “Lil Peep.” Åhr was an American rapper born in Pennsylvania on 11-1-1996. But tragically died on 11-15-17, he only lived 2 weeks after his 21st birthday. He died by takin 6 Xanax pills without knowing Fentanyl was laced within them. He belonged to the Emo-Rap genre; joining groups such as: Gothboiqlique, and Schemaposse. His most well known songs are: White Wine, Beamerboy, Star Shopping, Girls, Gym Class, and 16 Lines. Although he is dead, his music is still being made, and he his gaining fans to this day. Rest in peace Gustav Elijah Åhr
Person one: Are you a new Lil Peep fan? I will bet money you don’t know his real name
Person 2: Yea I do, his name is Gustav Åhr
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by notyerbuddyguy April 16, 2019
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