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The sound a woman's vagina makes after releasing douche-fluid from her vaginal cavity.
Tina's pussy was really stinky.

So i mentioned to Tina , "next time i come over make sure you are nice and clean down there for me".

One week later i went over to Tina's and made passionate sweet-smelling love to her.

After I came on her ass, i proceeded with my after sex ritual of cleaning off my dick resin and scrubbing my balls.

As I was cleaning my shaft i noticed a little unmarked bottle.

Tina followed me into the shower and I asked her what the bottle was for.

"It's a douche", she said.

She then asked me if she should use it.

I said "Yah, clean that shit out."

She then proceeded to squeeze the bottle and inject douche fluid into her vaginal cavity.

A few moments later she turned off the shower and said to me, "i don't really like this part."

Before I could even ask her what she meant by the previous statement, she released the douche-fluid onto the porcelain bathtub floor.

What followed was the most loud, intense and drawn out gurgling queef I have ever heard.
by Wetme March 16, 2014
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