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The gumbo flick or in it's verb form "flicking the gumbo" is a sexual move invented at the turn of the century for reasons unknown by Sir A. Maxwell Grigsby. The gumbo flick requires both participants to have high protein diets and to have eaten at least one serving of meatballs within a 5 hour window of beginning the flick. This move can only be safely performed on beds made before January 1st, 1973 or any size Bowflex machine as long as you are at or below sea level. The first gumbo flick performed by Sir A. Maxwell Grigsby was done on his wife Alvina Grigsby. From his notes we can come to the conclusion that the gumbo flick is performed by creating a "wine bottle effect" where essentially the man is the cork and the woman is the bottle. When cork (wang) is released in a rapid parallel motion, the bottle (vajayjay) will make a popping noise this being the flick. This motion can be done by experienced G.flicksters at a rate of up to 20 times per minute. Alvina Grigsby, a Cajun woman, described it as being "better than my favorite gumbo" thus creating the name gumbo flick.
Actual conversation between A. Maxwell and Alvina Grigsby: "thine woman, how does thee feel tonight in thy masters bed?" "I feel as if we should partake in the Gumbo flick my dear sir" "well hell yeah!"
by Memphis boneshaker February 22, 2014
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