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Every group of females has a guard trog. The guard trog is the loathsome friend in a group of girls who tries her best to keep her good-looking friends from being approached by guys, no matter how nice or friendly.

The guard trog is unattractive and is constantly on the look out for males approaching her girlfriends. She cock blocks any and every guy who attempts to hit on her friends, because she rarely receives any attention from the opposite sex, and is bitter because of this.

Only the most skilled wingman can maneuver around a guard trog by luring her away from her friends. By distracting the guard trog with food or extra attention, one can then approach the guard trogs friends.
David: "Mike, lets go try talking to those cute girls at the bar."
Mike: "Nah man, don't you see that guard trog staring at us?"
by 1lastthingandPrimo August 05, 2011
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