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1. music mostly 90's (nirvana, pearl Jam, Sound Garden, etc...) nowadays music is shitty!
2. style for boys is baggy jeans, Band tees, long hair(not multi-colored & styled faggish) for girls kinda tight tore up jeans, vintage & bank tees.
3. clothes mostly bought from thrift stores, & unknown stores. NOT abercrombie & fitch, or hollister those stores are for lame ass preps.
for all girls who call their style grungexcore but wear huge sun glasses, pants that are torn up but cost 500$, & a&b clothing quit being such a poser nobody likes you.
prep: OMG!like I got the cutest pair of pants I have ever gotten see they're all torn up & grungy they only cost like 500$ I saw paris hilton wear them & jus had to have them!
grungexcore kidd: Whoa! you're so GxC! *sarcasm*
prep: Like duh i totally already knew that.
grungexcore kidd: Do like Alice in chains?
prep: Eww no way Alice would look horrible in chains yuck!
grungexcore kidd: Go jump off a bridge!
by rockstar jordie July 02, 2006
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