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To grumble. To bitch. To complain. Many times associated with constant bitching.

To shuck and jive about everything and anything.

Many times the very nature of old men.

Sometimes simply referred to as "grousing".

Also a term used to describe a kid who hangs around all day, like a worthless piece of shit, bitching and moaning about life in general.
Old Charlie "groused about" everything. But one thing he never missed, every single day, was "grousing about" the rising cost of liquor.

Old Charlie would find something new to "grouse about" each day.

Quit your "grousing about" Little Billy or I will kick the shit out of you.

Damn it, Ma, they 'dun raised the cost of likker again.

"You know, Rhett, 'dem women today sure are just trouble."
"Oh, shit fire, Charlie, you old fucking buzzard, quite your damn grousing about."
by JackDempsey1947 January 06, 2009
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