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A new mental illness in which the afflicted person maintains relationships with people from the past who no longer wish to have anything to do with them. People having this affliction should seek professional help. This is a mild form of stalking and the afflicted person does not have their current emotional needs met and tries to console his or herself by looking into their past. These people also like to collect things from their youth and adolesence. Like an old salesman they go over their old leads (only the quality ones) and try to find something of value in the past, either acceptance, forgiveness, or re-assurance. It is unclear what would come of the person if they were actually to harvest one of these relationships and see themselves as successful in this respect. See also: stalker loser dumbass forrestgump
John is a real mess. Everytime his life gets tough he calls his ex-girlfriends and feels like he is right back with them even when that chick hasn't heard from him in years. I think he has gross sentimentality.
by John Laurich March 10, 2007
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