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the coolest hairest brother from another mother with humongo balls (who enjoys showing them off at random points to others), that sends pictures of his poop for you to laugh at it. joins in on family functions randomly pretending to know everyone. has a poop log book bought by his sister from another mother. it's educational and brings the two of them closer. whatever the situation is you back each other up otherwise the grizzliness of each other might come out. this awesome brother talks about the most perverted things ever that you wouldnt discuss with anyone else unless you are their sister from another mother. such as: sharting, pooping, farting, inventing brown underwear for those have sharting issues, making others utterly disgusted when they listen in on the conversations. educating friends of the family about prostate attacking with a hard nipple and taking pictures of it in "almost" action. carrying on completely ridiculous conversations that no one else understands.ridicularity and hilarity is always ensued at all times. making up groups for people to join such as Denim Anonymous Lovers for those who love denim so much they own denim furniture. Roleplay such as the poop hotline therapist, each other's psychiatrists, telling people to come visit us and not say a word and get straight to business. discussing poop so much that friends of the sister brother crew eventually join in and become obsessed and never want to leave them.

Saying "while im pooping" after each sentence. Grizzly gizzy broski also enjoys gizzing in other women's high heeled stilettos for pure excitement and pleasure which he learned from the real brother of the siter from another mother. telling sorority obsessed females to run to sorority sales in shanghai, china but they get so confused they end up in texas at a rodeo getting banged.

Grizzly gizzy thinks the word sandal is the gayest word ever. The new sentence used when describing gayness is: "I am wearing sssssandals with my matching sssssatchel with my ssssnacks in it, superstarrrr!!!"

When you need something in demand it is necessary to tell broski in capital letters RITE FREAKING NOW, STAT..and then threaten him with a chain link email...otherwise he screams out, "what if we get a run on the ambulance, what ever will i do?" he states that his heritage is "scrabblist and jeopardian" because he is so intelligent that he knows where his sister from another mother's poop nerve is. since figuring this out due to his wonderfully amazing genetical configuration, he grabs a hold of the poop nerve of his sister's while in midst of a sharting conversation and sends the sister running to the bathroom recording herself pooping on the toilet. sometimes she drips a little in her already brownsickled underpants due to the intensity of the poop nerve grabbing.

he used to scratch his taint and sniff it all the time..until he found out that it wasnt blueberry scratch and sniff unlike the way it was advertised to him at the family reunions every year. he was so saddened that he sharted so much that it dripped into his ankle socks. he used to wear calf socks until his sister educated him on how sexy ankle socks are, since then he has sporting the socks. he was never felt so cool in his life, well except for the sooooooo radical tattoo on his back that stands for his frat. haha.

his fetishes: poop nerve grabbing, being king, making love on denim material, pantyless women, stilettos, the abe lincoln, the turkish headstand, making farting noises everytime people around go to sit down, shaving his eyebrows, eating baby food, poop keychains, restrooms that smell like strawberries so his taint will smell good, motorcyclists (PI in ten mins, go pee!), grapefruit sized balls, gizzing in a cup for the doctor, taking baths and sending random pictures of leg to his sister, being part of the gypsy trio lover group, making fun of his sister from another another as often as possible, asking women if they take in the pooper (which typically causes his pure embarrasment that he runs away like a little kid), 80's pornos, yelling at people when they make him laugh while he is inhaling a cigarette ("not when i'm inhaling!!"), sweet tea, dunkin donuts, pretendin to ride a bike, be a creeper in the summers by driving by public pools in the ambulance with the radio headphones on, screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO neverrrrrrrr, the dirty pirate attack, giving friends of the sister nicknames and then yelling the nickname out while on speakerphone to cause absolute terror to his sister.

The sister from another brother needs the grizzy gizzy to cooperate more often with her demands, to take appreciation in her gypsy lifestyle, to let her do prostate tickling her ice cold nipple, let her videotape his sexual innuendos, wear ankle socks AT ALL TIMES, to always remember to take the poop log book with him anywhere he goes including longs walks on the monon trail, to buy a denim thong, to invest money for a denim bathroom, to buy a satchel for his snacks while wearing his sandals. all other issues will be discussed personally at family reunions.

this is absolute dedication to my brother from another mother. i couldnt have asked for better, well except for what his ass looks like when he farts after mooning me.

"Grizzly gizzy broski is the most wonderfully fantastically perverted shart talking, farting, brother from another mother anyone can have...WHAT IF WE GET A RUN?!?!..Ohhh ssssssuperstar!!!"
by sugarpants w/a bit of shartaid September 11, 2008
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The horrible moment when you realise that you have accidentally done something very slightly wrong which has very bad (usually embarassing) implications for you. This is typically the moment of realisation that you just sent a dirty text message to a close member of family, typically your mother, rather than the intended recipient.
Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
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- Onosecond occurs here -
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