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1. Led the state of California to the brink of disaster, and then pusned it over. Acquired the title 'Greyout' due to California's power problems. Helped Enron become the second biggest corporate laughingstock (behind the Democratic Leadership Council) in America. Gave California a worse economic rating than France, for Christ's sake!
2. A good example of what happens when Liberals are in control of everything. No new power plants, no economic plan, all new taxes.
3. All the social programs of Stalin, coupled with all the warm fuzziness of Albert Gore, Jr. Tough sell to the people of California.
Another Liberal, Greyout Davis, bites the dust. Up next, Senator Chuckie Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, Senator/Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd, and/or First Lady/Senator/resident of New York (for now) Hillary exclamation point. (That's how she ran for the Senate, as 'Hillary!'. Guess she figured that the Clinton name was just a bit sullied.)
by Proud Conservative October 09, 2003
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