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An older 40 something male who's often a registered sex offender, they live in their parents home, pursue almost underage girls and drink heavily to cope with their terrible situation in life. They are often artists or pretend to be in order to bring girls to their home and offer to "Paint an artistic nude." for them, the end result looking more like a chimpanzee having spastic diarhhea on canvas. They go by aliases because Googling their real name will reveal their true sordid past but often people who meet them figure it out with enough time and try to erase any memory of knowing them.

Unlike better posers they are about as subtle as a 10lb mallet, anyone with half a brain quickly realizes something is up and avoids at all cost.
"Who's the old guy at a bar wearing a tie dye shirt chatting up a bunch of 20 somethings?"

"Who's the creepy guy you like to avoid when playing disc golf?"

"Who's the loser who lives with their parents because they're on parole but tells everyone else he's living there to help his parents out due to their old age?"

by driggityunclemike January 31, 2011
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