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Emo is basically the bottom of the food chain here.
Emos hate themselves, goths hate everyone else.
A Chav is a british wigger, they are also recognizably stupid.
A Detroit Ghetto is a black person who carries more weapons and drugs then his coat can fit.
Goths are all black. Emos are goths with circus colors and an estrogen overdose. Goths are actually bigger life haters then emos but they have balls and deal with shit.
In the united kingdom Chavs and Emos are rivals
The Chav is picking on the Emo and a goth comes by, so the Chav thinks 'Oh, another Emo' so the Chav attempts to pick on the Goth who takes out a half inch syringe and proceeds to beat the living hell out of the Chav. After the Chav is dead from pinstab wounds the Emo praises the Goth like they are holy or something. Then the Goth who is totally annoyed fills the syringe with yellow asbestos liquid and leaves a small air pocket. Then says it's Heroin and sends the Emo off who dies several seconds later. Then the Detroit Ghetto guy walks in and then opens his coat which a rocket launcher is hidden in takes out a bag of cocaine but is actually sweet and low. In the end the Goth is dead and the Detroit Ghetto goes back home and then a team of fat and vice cops investigate and 6 months later they can only speculate that it was a homicide.
Goth Vs. Emo Vs. Chav Vs. Detroit Ghetto
by Brents2 August 24, 2007
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