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A stupid thing boys say in early elementary school that has no real purpose. Kid A will tag kid B, and then as kid A is running away as fast as possible, he will yell "got you last no returns!" which means that kid B is tagged, and can't tag kid A back. Kid B will say to himself "darn!" but that is about the extent of its impact on his life.
Sometimes kid B will try to tag kid A back, before kid A can say "got you last no returns," but kid A is prepared for this, and will jump backwards so as to be out of kid B's reach.
Again, none of this has any real purpose, because it is not in the context of a game of tag; it is just random.
As we were passing the other second grade class, two boys from the other line ran through our entire line tagging everyone saying "got you last no returns" to each of us, as fast as they could.

Four years later, the same two boys still had not gotten over the fascination of got you last no returns, and as one of them was passing by me, he tagged me... but, not thinking, he accidently tagged my chest. I think this surprised both of us, because he ran away even faster than usual.
by bandcampgirl183 September 27, 2005
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