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alternative version of 'got milk'. it refers to root access on a computer running linux, which is the equivalent of administrator on windows.
got root?

*types 'sudo' into terminal*

have now!
by Atolm August 09, 2006
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An evolution of the term got milk. Used in the same way, only with a geeky twist to it.
Hey baby, got root?
by gozzer December 25, 2005
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A contraction of got and root. It's a condition of being all-powerful that could either mean you have a lot of money, are in touch with your ancestors or you are a hacker with a linux box in control of the nuclear arsenal of a third world country. A state of (possibly too much) power and control: Dangerous Wizardry.
Hey, man, how are you? "Gotroot! I just accidentally formatted the company database cluster!"

I was gotroot with the ladies until one of them stole my wallet.
by Henry Kroll October 15, 2007
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