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when you walk around barefoot make unfunny jokes and behave in an over all douche bag manner. a typical goon is oblivious to that fact that they're fucking everything up for everyone and that they're not fucking funny at all.

the common goon outfit consists of a black wife beater, black gym shorts, barefeet, and a backwards hat that pushes their pet groomed hair into a faux-mullet.

they take extensive pride in their caveman looking girlfriends who they treat like shit anyway. when someone goons it up they usually take 1 step foward but 5 steps back.

a person who goons it up will commit an offense against an innocent person but expect the said innocent person to assume all guilt for their confronting of you. when someone goons it up in a confrontation they usually resort to light shoving and this obnoxious tactic of pointing their index finger in your face.
college kid 1: greg hasn't taken his girlfriend out on a date yet and they've been goin out for 4 months.

college kid 2: yea, gregs really goonin it up.

college kid 1: wow, john hasn't taken a fuckin shower in over 3 days.

college kid 2: what do you expect, he's always goonin shit up.

college kid 1: yo dylan why the fuck are you wearing the same shit you wore yesterday and the day before??

dylan: im just goonin it up!

college kid 1: yo greg just asked me for money to take his girlfriend out on a date.

college kid 2: goonin it up as usual.

by youngh0v March 12, 2009
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