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A new way of saying "prove me wrong".
implying that you want a person to look something up on the website google to find out if what you're saying is right or wrong.
"Popeye was the 26th president."

"No he wasn't"

"oh yeah? Google me wrong, bitch."
by Steev Richter October 15, 2008
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When someone INSISTS they are right about something that is obviously wrong and easily proven to be wrong using any number of Internet search options.

Coined by Alyssa Nelson, Pittsfield, MA, June 16, 2011
You: Cindy Lauper is only in her early 40's.

Me: No, she's definitely in her late 50's.
You: I'm certain that's not true.
Me: Her Wikipedia page says she was born in 1953. Making her 58.
You: Dude, way to Google me wrong.
by Wmassdoober July 16, 2011
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