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(Goo gin poof)

verb: 1) a dance preformed with random steps and movement due to overwhelming happiness

2) State of confusion

3) fit of laughter lasting more then 30 seconds

Noun: A overly happy person

can have prefexes such as:

-en as in Googin poofen

-ed as in googin poofed

-ing googin poofing
Verb 1:

I googin poofed when I found that rare comic i was looking for on

I will googin poof if I find that she really likes me.

verb 2:

I was struck googin poofen when i found out i failed the test and didn't know why.

Verb 3:

The cartoon Ed, edd, and Eddy always made me googin poof.


I am so googin poof i might sing!
by theothermaninthebox January 21, 2011
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