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Sarcastic phrase mocking someone who is facing a challenge, or to express the desire that someone fail when facing a challenge.

Opie (Opie and Anthony Show) met Peter Jennings in New York's Central Park a few months before the ABC World News Tonight anchor died of lung cancer. Opie was walking on a park path on April 14, 2005 when he saw Jennings, who was accompanied by two other parkgoers, walking towards him. Opie did not know how to react or what to say, but he realized he was wearing a Livestrong wristband. As he crossed Jennings, Opie raised his arm, pointed at the wristband and said, "Good luck, Bro." This incident, which was recounted on the air the following day, was not mentioned again until Jennings died, at which point the show found it comical to blame his death on Opie's uninspiring attempt to comfort Jennings.
"You're dying of AIDS? Good luck, bro."
by Jayinsf July 07, 2006
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