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1. to make the good donut even better
2. to take something which is already opulent, not give a goddamn fuck, and make it even more opulent
3. to recognize your own excessive impulses and embrace them, thereby, turning it up to 11
4. a phrase derived from Paula Deen, wherein she decides to make her donuts even more opulent (cf. KFC-Krispy Kreme Double Down combination sandwich)
5. to admit that you want it all, right here, right now
6. a phrase akin to Withnail's assertion in "Withnail and I" that "We want the finest wines available to humanity! And we want them now!"
If a man were to walk into an ice cream parlor and order a large double chocolate chip ice cream with nuts and an extra chocolate dip, his girlfriend, might say, "Hey, you're gonna get fat. Just get a small vanilla." He would then say, "Bietch, I go supreme on the donuts."

If the same man were to walk into the ice cream parlor and repeat the same scenario except this time three MILFs approached he and his girlfriend and asked if they wanted to have an orgy in the middle of the ocean, the man would say, "We're doing it and we're doing it in the middle of the BP oil spill." His girlfriend would say, "Let's just go to a river and do it." But the boyfriend would reply correctly, "Bietch, I go supreme with the donuts!"

Nota: All uses of "going supreme with the donuts" are correct insofar as the action which is about to be performed reaches the outer limits of awesomness.
by simplecoitusrex August 19, 2011
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by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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