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Adverb. In addition the aforementioned definition, "Going EY" is synonymous to "super hermit mode" where an individual attempts to isolate from social interaction in an attempt to work or study at over 200% for long periods of time.
D: "I haven't seen M in awhile, where is he?"
J: "M is at home going EY because has 5 exams in 7 days"
by Shank Pants March 25, 2008
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Adverb. Describing the action of working extremely hard, at an extreme pace, with total disregard for others. May be used in other forms such as "Went EY" and "so EY"
John is always going EY on the accounting midterms. We were holding a study session, but he stayed home and went all EY and got 100%.
by Shank Pants March 22, 2008
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