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a doctor of sorts; you would recognize him instantaneously by the plethora of bud-ly knowledge that he bestows only on those of whom he sees to be fit. For those that are worthy, a shroud of smoke envelopes them but yet under a gaseous haze comes forth he who calls himself the Doctor, Doctor Weed.
Yo mayne, you hit up the god of dank yet?
A: Naa bro, I've been tapped since last night's sesh. I need to see him soon if I'm getting through this Sunday morning.

Pheobian #1: (via phone) Doctor, doctor where are you??? It's an emergency! I'm having a panic attack & haven't slept for days!!
Doc. Weed: Yes, yes, please hold...I'm preparing your treatment as we speak. Be ready for the best night of sleep you've had in years; you'll sleep like a beby.
P#1: Can I send my buddy Pheobian #2 to you as well?

Doc. Weed: It'll be aight mayne, send 'im right away.
by The Man o' Misterioso December 12, 2013
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