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A term usually exchanged between gamers who are Cat-Assing late at night, when it is said it often starts an unofficial and unspoken competition, the goal of which is to stay up as late as possible.

Older gamers may also say this to squeakers at 7pm-8pm pointing out that (normal) children of this age go to bed around this time, this usually enrages them....
Gamer 1:Uggh, i'm so tired.
Gamer 2: Dude, just go to bed bro.
Gamer 1: Nah, bro i'm fine.

Gamer 1: Go to bed bro.
Gamer 2 (squeaker): Fuck you, I will come to your house and rape your mom.
Gamer 1: Lol.
by the man who laughs February 20, 2012
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