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The act of completely losing your mind for a period of time, releasing Irish fury upon those around you.

Stage 1: Incident
Something happens to create an uncomfortable situation. This includes rude comments/suggestions and physical actions.

Stage 2: Reaction
You respond, at first non-violent. This may be just a puzzled look, or perhaps you ask, "Excuse me?" in order to clarify that the comment/action was directed at you.

Stage 3: Interpretation
You process the situation. If the comment/action is interpreted as being irritating/threatening to you, then you first feel a drain of emotion. Then anger starts bubbling in slowly. Your eyes go a little numb, your hands start to tingle, chills rise up your back and you start to tremble. Your jaw usually locks up and the muscles tighten as fury starts setting in.

Stage 4: Snap
This is the stage when you basically lose all control of all of your actions/words. You verbally/physically assault any and all offending members and anyone who gets in the way. Anger takes over you completely, controlling everything.

Stage 5: Hiatus
When one goes Irish, it can end in many ways. Perhaps you pass out. Maybe you just calm down. Anyway, the rage ends… eventually.

The side effects of going Irish include but are not limited to: high blood pressure, uncontrollable movement, damaged relationships, black eyes, problems with the law, broken chairs, lose of feeling and sore fists.
Robert: Hey Steve! God, what happened to your face?!

Steve: I told James that his mother was an English whore. It made him frickin' go Irish on me.

Robert: Oh, well that's your fault then.
by TheGammaGeek March 07, 2011
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