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v. during sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal), the guy cums (see: jizz, skeet) on and around the woman's pussy (see: pleasure hole, mysterious cavern of fun, monthly blood puker, HIV dispenser, penis garage)
Dave: Dude, last night i went out with Julie and i totally got to glaze her doughnut.
Jim: Niiice, how was it?
Dave: It was so good, i even gave her sprinkles.
Jim: Was it jelly filled?
Dave: No. Her period's not for a week or two.
Jim: Shit, dude, did you use protection? You're sure she's not ovulating?
Dave: Fuck no, protections for fags.
Jim: Looks like you could have a doughnut hole coming along in 9 months.
by a_Mak December 14, 2008
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