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The term "girl neg" (verb form: girl negging) is closely related to Neil Strauss's term "neg" but is usually wielded by the feminine gender against members of that same gender. The girl neg takes the form of a back-handed complimented designed to allow one to both bond with the receiver of the girl neg as well as to slowly undermine both their self-confidence and self-worth. When used to best effect, the girl neg sounds positive but leaves lasting scars on the psyche, oftentimes with the recipient of the girl neg remaining unaware of ever having been negged.
Examples of an effective girl neg:

1 Oh my god, that skirt looks so great on you! It was way too big on me, but it fits you perfectly!
(Translation: You are much fatter than me bitch.)

2 Girl 1: Two guys asked for my number last night!
Girl 2: That is so unbelievable! You are just so lucky!
(Translation: They must have been blind. I seriously don't believe you. You're lucky it was pitcher night.)

3 I'm so jealous that you're totally in touch with your sexuality. I really wish I could have your confidence.
(Translation: You are a complete whore. Thank god I have standards)
by MJ24 April 14, 2009
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